Thermal Isolation

Thermal isolation

• Smooth or corrugated aluminum with or without vapor barrier smooth, in thicknesses from 0.4 Mm to 1 Mm, in presentations of 30m 2 or coils.

• 1⁄2 Stainless steel strip”

And 3⁄4 "in different presentations.

• Stainless steel buckles from

1⁄2 "and 3⁄4".

• Spring Expansion and special compression for Coke drums

Shells of Mineral Wool in diameters from ½ "up to 20" with thickness from 1 "up to 4".

• Mineral wool blanket with thickness from 1 "to 4" of 5 m2.

• Mineral Wool in bulk.

• Mineral Wool panels in thicknesses from 1 "to 5"

• Ceramic densities (6 and 8) fiber blanket and measured several thicknesses of (1/2 ", 1"; and 2 "), with temperatures from the

1200 to 1600 °

• Ceramic fiber in presentation to bulk, lace, paper and modules for temperatures 1200 to 1600 ° C

• Pyrogel XT is a blanket for high temperature insulation, which is formed of aerogel of silica - possessing lower conductivity thermal of any known solid - and reinforced with filling of non-woven glass fiber. Environmentally safe and easy to use. Temperature use 1200° F (650° C) max.

• Shells and panels of expanded perlite in different sizes and thicknesses.

• Sections or shells, calcium silicate panels in different sizes and thicknesses.

• Foam Glass brought or preformed in different sizes and thicknesses.