Skimmers - Vacuums - Pumps


• Skimmers: A wide range of oil separators, fuel recovery, in calm waters and Coast situations outside.

• - Multi Skimmer: it is a skimmer of high efficiency for the recovery of oil in the water, the unit can be equipped with interchangeable heads: disk, drum, or brush, to enable optimum performance in all types and viscosities of oil.

• - Strap Skimmer: it is a high performance system, it collects and separates the oil in one operation, belt skimmer is integrated into the ship, so it is ideal to install on ships of Skimmers System (VOSS).



• Vacuums: Vacuum systems are used to collect liquids, solids or sludge from the ground or water. Mobile units of high-efficiency, adapt to every need.

• • Portable vacuum system: lightweight, easy to use, equipment it operates a person, installed on a drum of 208 liters, closing that prevents drum to overflow.

• Mobile Unit vacuum: recover oil, liquids, mud, gravel, sand and dust; Unit diesel, 500 mbar vacuum, road trailer unit.



• Pumps: A wide variety of pumps: hydraulic, electrical, diaphragms, Peristaltic, centrifugal and screw.

• - Hydraulic pumps: designed and built to work with liquids with sand, mud and solids in suspension.

• - Diaphragm pumps: for pumping of industrial waste, tanks pumping of ballast, graves

Septic, etc.

• - Centrifugal pumps:

• Diesel: Centrifugal pump of

• aspiration, aluminum body.

• • Screw: Ideal for pumping liquids of high viscosity (10,000 CST), can run dry.

• Submersible •: Portable and versatile pump with high pressure for pumping of large distances