We Carry the Following Products

Thermal Insolation

Smooth or corrugated aluminum with or without vapor barrier smooth, in thicknesses from 0.4 Mm to 1 Mm, in presentations of 30m 2 or coils.


1⁄2 Stainless steel strip”

And 3⁄4 "in different presentations.


Stainless steel buckles from

1⁄2 "and 3⁄4".


Spring Expansion and special compression for Coke drums


High density parts have smooth and homogenous texture


Low thermal conductivity


High melting point


The color adopted is due to the manufacturing process.


Refractory bricks in different models and sizes for different temperatures.

Anchors - Caps - Ferrules

Type V, and L, arrow and otherwise, required dimensions and alloys 304, 310,316 and

Inconel 610.


Anchors for Grating and bricks


Alumina ceramics up to 95 %


Ceramic Ferrules up to 99% Alumina, in dimensions according to specification


Metal cap alloy Incoloy 800, 304,310, 316, and Inconel 600

Iron - Steel - Aluminum

Sheets of stainless steel or galvanized, in different sizes and thicknesses.


Heat exchangers.


Galvanized steel in different sizes and thicknesses.


Corrugated sheets at the request of the customer.


Materials of special domestic and imported steel gauges

Meshes - Valves - Rods

 Meshes or metallic woven fabrics in stainless steel




Valves and bar meshes


Bars, angles and plates:


Mounting plates

Tubes - Plates - Flanges



Food grade tubing round, polished interior and externally.


Decorative pipe round, square and rectangular, polished externally.






Skimmers - Vacuums - Pumps

Skimmers: A wide range of oil separators, fuel recovery, in calm waters and Coast situations outside.


Vacuums: Vacuum systems are used to collect liquids, solids or sludge from the ground or water. Mobile units of high-efficiency, adapt to every need.


Pumps: A wide variety of pumps: hydraulic, electrical, diaphragms, Peristaltic, centrifugal and screw.


Submersible •: Portable and versatile pump with high pressure for pumping of large distances

WasteWater Treatment


Wastewater separator equipment: plant for biological treatment of wastewater, authorized for marine environments or in ground, water from showers, kitchens, w/c or laundry.


Wastewater treatment:

Bilge water separator equipment: used for the extraction of oil in the water in the bilge of the vessel, to ensure that discharge overboard complies with 15 ppm or less than oil.

Boats - Oil Recovery Vessels

Oil recovery vessels:  which are designed to carry out a wide range of functions of cleaning marine, coastal, harbors or on the high seas. Recovery units are fitted with units of skimmer for oil and oil recovery, recovery units are optional, oil recovery vessels can also be used as crane, spraying of dispersant, firefighting, beach cleaning, refueling of emergency equipment and personnel transport.

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